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Peter Danemo, born in 1961 and resident in Stockholm, Sweden, is a drummer and composer who’s music can be characterised as having an unerring feeling for dynamics and form. Words such as facile, explosive and unpredictable are often used to describe Danemo’s drumming.

Danemo has made recordings with many different groups, among them the Danish Juez, and the Swedish Blue Pages and Jacob Karlzon Trio.

Peter Danemo Quartet, with amongst others pianist Esbjörn Svensson, was formed in 1988. Their debut CD “Baraban” was very well received by both critics and listeners throughout Scandinavia. In 1994 the group was chosen to take part in Svenska Jazzriksförbundets (The Swedish Jazz Federation’s) tour-project “Pulsslag”.

In 1993 with financial support from NOMUS and Statens Kulturråd (The Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs), Danemo took part in a tour-project in which, among others, saxophonist Joakim Milder, bass player Lars Danielsson and pianist Bobo Stenson were also featured.

Danemo formed a quartet in 1994 together with the Danish saxophonist Fredrik Lundin. Their first recording in 1997 (a double-CD) was highly praised in the musical press in both Sweden and Denmark.

The Peter Danemo Kapell, a nonet consisting two trumpets, trombone, two saxophones (doubling woodwinds), clarinet, guitar, bass and drums made its debut 1995, and has since then taken part in a number of projects, radio programmes and jazz festivals. They’ve made 2 CD’s ”aLive” on Dragon Records and ”Resonance” on db-Productions.

Danemo has recieved much attention for his composing. In 1989 he took part in SAMI’s “COMP-89” (a composition-project), and in 1993 he received the first prize in the competition “Concours International de Composition de Themes de Jazz”, which is held annually in Monaco’s Danemo has received commissions from the Swedish P2 Musik Jazzradion, Svenska Rikskonserter (The Swedish Concert Institute) and the Copenhagen Art Ensemble.

In 2006 Peter started Meloscope, a quartet with Cennet Jönsson – saxophone, Joakim Milder – saxophone, Christian Spering – saxophone and Peter Danemo –drums. Their first CD ”Re: Someone Lost” recieved stunning reviews. It was a live CD, recorded on the very first consert. Their second CD ”Deluxe, has a different angle. The quartet is expanded with three musicians from the classical world, Staffan Mårtensson – clarinet, Henrik Frendin – viola and Mats Rondin – cello.

Peter Danemo has on many occasions received grants from, among others, Statens Kulturråd, STIM, and Konstnärsnämnden and in 1998 he was awarded Malmö stads kulturstipendium (The City of Malmö’s Culture Scholership).

Over the years Peter Danemo has played with: Juez, Jens Winther Quintet, Cennet Jönsson Ten Pieces, Ane Ramlöse Band, Tommy Berndtsson Kvartett, Red Rodney, Esbjörn Svensson, Nils Landgren, Kenny Drew, Niels-Henning Ørstedt-Pedersen, Mads Vinding, Rolf Ericsson, Bo Stief, Arne Domnerus, Clark Terry, Rune Gustafsson, Bob Rockwell, Bobo Stenson, Joakim Milder, Ray Anderson, Bengt Hallberg, Trine-Lise Väring, Lars Jansson, Viktoria Tolstoy, Norma Vinstone, Toninho Horta, Anders Bergcrantz, Palle Danielsson, David Friesen, Miroslav Vitous, Iain Ballamy, Aaron Parks Trio  and many more.