Complete discography

Terese Lien Evenstad “Perceptive” (Jotun Records)
Lina Nyberg “The Circle Song-EP” (Hoob Records”
Lina Nyberg
“Terrestrial” (Hoob Records)
Anna Einarsson “Tigerns säger brr…”

Lina Nyberg
“Aerials” (Hoob Records)
Örjan Hultén Orion
“Fältrapport” (Artogrush)
Peter Nylander
“Songs” (Imogena Records)
(Brus & Knaster)
Anna Einarsson “Tigern säger grr…”
The Bjaerv Encounters
“Flight” (Imogena Records)
Krister Jonsson
“Truckload” (Stunt Records)
Lina Nyberg
“The Sirenades” (Hoob Records)
Sven Berggren
“Room 8”
Örjan Hultén Orion
“Mr Nobody” (Artogrush)
Alberto Pinton
“Nascent” (Red Horn Records)
Lina Nyberg
”Palaver” (Moserobie Music Production)
Roger Svedberg ”Pit Sounds” (Smot Records)
Örjan Hultén Orion ”Radio In My Head” (Artogrush)
Åkesson Jazz
Nils Janson ”Excavation” (Found You Recordings)
Joakim Milder ”Takeaway” (Apart Records)
Jakob Davidsen Mangfoldighed III ”Music From The Desert” (Gateway Music)
Stroman/Jönsson “Project 2” (Kopasetic Productions)
The Bjaerv Encounters (Imogena Records)
Kristian Lind Trio “Winter Games” (Kristian Lind Records)
Lina Nyberg “the Show” (Moserobie Music Production)
Nils Jansson ”Debut” (Found You Recordings)
Changes “Live” (Gorsch Productions)
Jakob Davidsen ”Mangfoldighet II”
Jakob Davidsen ”Mangfoldighed”
Viktoria Tolstoy ”Pictures Of Me” (Act Music)
Viktoria Tolstoy ”My Swedish Heart” (Act Music)
Krister Jonsson ”Waiting For Atonesjka” (Kopasetic Productions)
Jeanette Lindström ”In The Middle Of This Riddle” (Amigo)
Joakim Milder “Monolithic” (Apart Records)
The Crossover Ensemble “Sange” (Music Mecca)
Jacob Karlzon Big 5 (Prophone Records)
Jeanette Lindström “Walk” (Amigo)
Jacob Karlzon Trio “Today” (Prophone Records)
Thomas Clausen Trio “My favorite things” (Stunt Records)
Fredrik Lundin Overdrive “Choose your boots” (Stunt Records)
The Crossover Ensemble ”Helios Suite”  (Dacapo Records)
Trine-Lise Væring ”When the dust has settled” (Stunt Records)
Krister Jonsson Trio ”I´ll stay out here and talk to Harry” (LJ Records)
Jacob Karlzon Trio ”Going places” (Prophone Records)
Cenneth Jönsson “Ten Pieces”  (Phono Svecia)
Jacob Karlzon Trio “Take your time” (Dragon Records)
Tommy Berndtsson “Tic Tac Toe” (Imogena)
Ane Ramlöse “Days without makeup” (Storyville)
Kim Kristensen & Ildvävarne (Storyville)
Tommy Berndtsson Quartet “Musicbox” (Imogena)
Trine Dansgaard’s Juez “Paper Walls” (Stunt Records)
Sång Bolaget & Focal Point (SÅB 1001)